Who We Are

Aloha Northwest was founded by Tanya Carnahan. Her family moved a lot as she was growing up, but the years spent in Kona as a kid changed her life forever. Being a deeply relational person and a nature lover, she thrived in the sunshine, waves, and community there beyond anything she had experienced growing up in other cities.

On a recent trip back to the Big Island, she realized how passionately she was drawn to the colorful fashion vibes in every locally-owned clothing, décor, and jewelry boutique, along with the ever-present inspiration of nature and wildlife in so many of the brands & artwork.

Upon returning to her hometown of Seattle and attempting to shop for fall fashion, Tanya felt dismayed at the lack of color and light in most of the typical retail choices she found in the area.

“I wish there were more colorful clothes here,” she thought, “Like what they sell in Hawaii…”

And in that moment an idea was born, to bring the rainbow hues and natural inspiration of Hawaii-sourced fashion, art, home décor, and jewelry to sell back home where she lives in the Pacific Northwest.

Giving Back: A Note from Tanya

Through painful circumstances in my own life, I have gained a deep appreciation for people and organizations that assist women coming out of domestic abuse situations. I know what it’s like to receive that life-saving support, and I want my business to be a part of providing the same help for other women.

Aloha Northwest would not be here today without support from family, friends, and the incredible local support organization STRONG LIKE MOM.

STRONG LIKE MOM is a local nonprofit that provides support, community, workshops, and resources to help moms like me find a way through, and forward, after painful circumstances.

When you shop at Aloha Northwest, you are helping to change a woman's life. A percentage of every sale is donated to this beautiful organization that helps give women and their kids a chance to heal, rebuild, and create a new dream.

Thank you for stopping by, and being a part of this important mission!

Kipona Aloha(deep love),